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Projekt- és programmenedzsment tanácsadás

We offer project management consulting services according to your organisation's needs. From advice on your particular project management challenges through coaching of:

  • Project executives/ sponsors
  • Project managers
  • Other project management team members
  • Project management office/ portfolio, programme & project office (PMO/ P3O) staff

Through professional help with:

  • Elaboration of your company's project management guide
  • Selection of suitable project management support software
  • Implementation of a state of the art, effective (multi)project management system based on international standards

To taking over the role of your external "Center of Excellence" or Quality Assurance for project, programme & portfolio management.



Our consulting services offer includes:

  • Portfolio creation, prioritisation, analyses and reports
  • Project & programme setup, execution and closeout
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Estimating & dependencies identification
  • Capacity planning & resource management
  • Benefits & value management
  • Performance monitoring & controlling
  • Monitoring, audits, reporting
  • Risk, issue and change management
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Quality assurance
  • Creation/ implementation of standards, structures, templates, methods & software
  • Consulting, coaching, mediation
  • Organisational learning, simulations
  • Development of people and competencies along a chosen maturity model
  • creating and operating of career development in the projects, programmes and portfolios  management 
  • Benchmarking

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