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PRINCE2 and MSP courses and certification - AutoCont

“Thank you. I received what I needed and expected. In spite of intensity of the course everything was OK, manageable."

 Kristýna Korbelová, Project Manager, AutoCont CZ a.s.

“The course presented an integral perspective of methodics of PRINCE 2. It was well prepared and delivered. I recommend it."

Gabriela Hynková, Project Manager, AutoCont CZ a.s.

“Everything is at a professional level."

 Mariana Garajová, Project Manager, AutoCont SK a.s.

“I was very satisfied with the trainer, I would gladly recommend you.“

Danuše Karičáková, AutoCont CZ a.s.

“I realy liked explenation and reasoning of sample tests, at Practitioner level I liked Product breakdown structure. I recommend!“

Martin Vencl, Solution Architect for Microsoft Dynamics, AutoCont CZ a.s.

“I definitely recommend your courses to others. For me, not only the theoretical level was great, but also connection to pratical examples from real projects thanks to expirienced trainer.“

Petr Turovský, Project manager, AutoCont

“I appreciate the organization of courses. Realy good presentation sklil. Food and refreshment above standard. I would recommend you.

 PRINCE2 certification course absolvent, AutoCont SK a.s.